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Herrmann, Alexander: Hermann's Art of Magic
©Undated, circa 1903 Wehman Bros., NY
Softcover, perfect-bound, approx 6"x9", 94 pages
Hermann's Art of Magic
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Alexander Herrmann: Hermann's Art of Magic

Comments: Note misspelling of Author's name in the Title, "Hermann" vs. "Herrmann". This book has the same contents as the first eight Chapters of Herrmann's Book of Magic, Black Art Exposed, excluding chapter 9, "Black Art, Fully Exposed and Laid Bare"

Contents (from book):

3 Chapter I Introduction
4 The Dress
6 The Table
6 The Servante
7 The Wand

9 Chapter II Palming - Principles of Sleight of Hand Applicable to Small Objects
9 Palming
11 Le Tourniquet
11 The Finger Palm
12 The Reverse Palm
13 To Change a Coin

15 Chapter III Tricks With Coins
15 Magical Production of a Coin
15 Wandering Coin
16 A New Coin Fold
16 Coin and Candle
17 An Artful Conjurer
17 The Invisible Flight
18 Vanish for Duplicate
18 To Pass a Coin Through the Body
19 Swallowing Illusions
19 Coin and Lemons
20 The Pocket Vanish
21 Quarter vs Dime
21 To Pass a Coin Into an Ordinary Matchbox Held by One of the Spectators
21 Coin, Wine Glass and Paper Cone
22 Coins, Hat and Plate
23 To Vanish a Marked Coin from a Tumbler and Cause it to Appear in a Small Box, Wrapped in Paper in the Center of a Large Ball of Wool
24 To Vanish a Number of Coins from a Plate in a Sheet of Flames
24 Programme and Coin

27 Chapter IV Tricks With Handkerchiefs
27 Peregrinations of a Handkerchief
27 Handkerchief and Candle
28 To Vanish a Handkerchief and Product it From Your Collar
28 To Pass a Handkerchief Into the Pocket of a Spectator
29 To Fire a Handkerchief Into a Gentleman’s Hair
30 The Handkerchief Cabinet
31 The Handkerchief Vanisher
32 Magic Production of Handkerchiefs
34 Color Changing Handkerchiefs
37 Mechanical Pull for Vanishing a Handkerchief
38 The Flying Handkerchief
39 Brass Tube to Produce, Vanish, or Change a Handkerchief

42 Chapter V Tricks With Balls
42 Creation Manipulation, Multiplication and Annihilation of Billiard Balls
46 Billiard Balls and Basins
47 Color-Changing Billiard Balls
48 The Diminishing Billiard Balls
49 The Handkerchief Ball
50 The Dissolving Billiard Ball
51 Fancy Sleight With a Small Ball
51 Rouge et Noir
52 Ball, Handkerchief and Tumbler

54 Chapter VI Hat Tricks
57 Loading
58 The Magnetized Hat
60 To Produce a Number of Eggs From a Hat Held Crown Upwards
61 The Hat Incubator

63 Chapter VII Anti-Spiritualistic Tricks
63 The Climbing Ring
63 The Mysterious Name
64 Spirit Calculator
65 A New Postal Trick
66 New Slate Tricks
67 The Spirit Handkerchief
68 The Mysterious Communication
68 The Great Dictionary Trick - New Method
70 Long-Distance Second Sight

72 Chapter VIII Miscellaneous Tricks
72 Flash Paper
72 A New Fire Flash
73 Conjurer's Ammunition
73 Smoke from Two Empty Pipes
74 A New Fire-Eating Trick
74 Exploding Soap-Bubbles
74 Walnut Shells and Pea
75 The Garter Trick
76 The Tube and Ball
77 The Ubiquitous Thimble
79 The Multiplying Wand
79 The Restored Cut
80 The Mysterious Tambourine
81 The Bran and Dove Plates
82 The Wandering Beer
83 The Crystal Water Mystery
84 The Wizard's Breakfast
85 The Hydrostatic Tube
87 The Hydrostatic Tumbler
88 Watch, Glass and Handkerchief
89 Paper Cone, Watch, Rabbit and Boxes
91 Advertisements: for Wehman Bros. Books, to page 94