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Herman, Frank: 12 Methods for Doing the Cut and Restored Necktie
1940's?; Frank Herman, Abbott's Magic Company
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 10 pages
12 Methods for
              Doing the Cut and Restored Necktie
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Comments: Typed manuscript. I have seen reference to a 15 Methods for Doing the Cut and Restored Necktie, published by the Magic House of Charles in 1942, and according to a post on TheMagicCafe, an update to this book was published as Necktie Magic in 1972. Also available as an ebook from Abbott's Magic Company, and as part of their larger compilation, Bag O' Trix, edited by Gordon Miller.


1 Introduction
1 The Principle Character, Mr. C. (Cravet) Tie: selecting a tie
2 Preparing the Spectator: getting the stooge ready
2 No. 1 Master Cut Necktie Presentation: the essential routine
4 No. 2 Trial By Fire: tie goes up in flames
4 No. 3 A (Very) Flashy Tie: flash paper
5 No. 4 A Bag and a Bird: Tie is restored but fails to turn into a pigeon
5 No. 5 A Bag and a Bird (Second Version): gag variation
5 No. 6 All That's Fit to Press: newspaper version
6 No. 7 Ask "Eskie": Esquire magazine Tie Advertisement version
7 No. 8 Quick Service: Square Circle use
7 No. 9 As Advertised: Cleaning service ad
8 No. 10 Cravat Cab-By? using a Silk Cabby
8 No. 11 Severed Stropper: cut and restored with a knife
9 No. 12 Box and Other Props: other ideas for restoration
9 Additional Ideas: Army, Al Baker, final advice