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Hermalin: Workable Wizardry
©1923 Hermalin
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 31 pages
Workable Wizardry
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Illusionist007
  Hermalin: Workable Wizardry

Comments: From the foreword, "I have compiled these little books for the beginners in magic who wish to acquire some good practice tricks which are really praticable."


i Foreword (Hermalin)
1 A Vanishing Reef Knot: a knot is tied in a handkerchief and vanishes
2 Biting the Plate: a gag
5 A Levitated Vase: a vase levitates off a glass pedestal - for stage
6 Personal Details: math trick
7 Milton's Original Spelling Bee: card trick
9 A Second Sight Act: for two persons and a blindfold
12 A Ten Card Trick: using a mathematical principle
15 A New Cut and Restored Ribbon: using special scissors
18 A New Paper Tearing Trick (Max Holden): tri-color paper strip is restored in selected color order
20 The Chung Loo Vanish of the Contents of a Bowl: clever rice vanish from bowl
25 Mysterious Coins: Chinese coins fall from string
27 The Travelling Clock (Will Goldston): vanishing alarm clock - for stage