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Hercat (R.D. Chater): More Conjuring
Simple Tricks For Social Gatherings
©1912 Dean & Son Ltd., London
Softcover, perfect-bound, 79 pages
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Hercat: More Conjuring

Comments: From the Preface, "The title of this little brochure indicates its contents. Simple Tricks and simple tricks only. No apparatus is required and but little sleight-of-hand is needed in the performance of any of them..."

Contents (from Gutenberg version):

9 Simple Card Tricks
9 An Easy Method of Finding a Selected Card
10 To Bring a Chosen Card from the Bottom of the Pack at any Number Requested
10 A Chosen Card Shaken through a Handkerchief
12 A Selected Card found in a Lighted Cigarette
13 A Sticking Card
13 Two Selected Cards Caught in the Air
14 An Easy but Puzzling Trick
14 Travelling Cards
16 To Name all the Cards in the Pack
16 A New Method
17 The Sense of Touch
18 Where is the Ace?
19 To Make a Person Name a Card which You have Yourself Selected
21 The Clock
22 How to Guess Cards Thought of
23 An Ingenious Card Trick
25 To Name a Card which Some One has Thought of
26 The Rejected Recruits—a Laughable Trick
26 A Novel Card Effect
28 An Artful Card Force
28 Another Easy Card Force
29 A Simple but Puzzling Card Trick

30 Simple Coin Tricks
30 How to Detect a Marked Coin
30 A Penetrative Shilling
31 Another Simple Trick
32 A Coin to Disappear from Your Cheek and Reappear at Your Elbow
33 Two Vanished Half-Crowns
33 A Divination
34 An Effective but Simple Trick
35 Changing Apple and Coins
36 An Obedient Sixpence
36 Coin and Glass
38 A Simple Experiment with Four Shillings
39 Puzzle of Ten Halfpence
39 How to Increase Your Wealth
40 A Neat Coin Trick
41 A Subtle Impromptu Effect with a Coin
42 An Original Coin Swindle
43 A Cross

44 Simple Tricks With Handkerchiefs, Rings, Candles, Etc.
44 A Knot that Cannot be Drawn Tight
45 To Tie an Instantaneous Knot in a Handkerchief
46 Half a Burnt Message Found Restored in a Candle
47 Two Good Ring Tricks

49 Simple Arithmetical Problems
49 To Ascertain a Number Thought of
51 How to Name a Number which has been Erased
52 A Lesson in the Correct Formation of a Figure
53 Four Nines Problem
53 An Answer to a Sum Given in Advance
54 An Arithmetical Puzzle
55 An Arithmetical Mystery
55 How to Tell Her Age
56 A Race in Addition
57 To Predict the Hour Your Friend Intends to Rise on the Following Morning

59 Match Puzzles
59 Experiment with Ten Matches
60 The Magic Nine
61 Triangles with Matches
61 Match Squares
62 Your Opponent must Take the Last Match
63 A Shakespearean Quotation
63 Numeral
63 Six and Five Make Nine
64 The Artful Schoolboys
66 What are Matches Made of?
66 A Sheep Pen
67 Post and Rail Puzzle

68 Simple Miscellaneous Tricks
68 A Good After-Dinner Trick
70 To Remove a Serviette Ring from a Tape Held on the Thumbs of Another Person
71 An Experiment in Gravity
71 A Scissors Feat
72 Another Trick with a Pair of Scissors
73 An Indestructible Cigarette Paper
74 To Cut an Apple in Two with Your Finger
74 A Trick with Dominoes
75 An Escape
76 Cigarette Papers and Serviettes
77 Four Cigarette Papers
77 A Hindoo Swindle
79 The Elusive Match—a Capital Impromptu Trick