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Henning, Doug: Houdini His Legend and His Magic
©1977 Doug Henning; Warner Books Inc., NY
Hardcover, 193 pages
Houdini His Legend
              and His Magic
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Doug Henning: Houdini His Legend and His Magic

Comments: biography of Harry Houdini with lots of color photographs.


10 Introduction

12 The Art of Magic

20 The World of Houdini
23 Ehrich Weiss: King of the Backyard Circus
31 The Birrh of the Great Escapes
36 The Houdinis: Vaudeville Headliners
60 The European Sensation
69 The Spectacular Challenges
83 Inquiry into the World Beyond
93 The End of a Life, the Beginning of a Legend

104 A Personal Scrapbook

120 Houdini's Ten Greatest Illusions
125 Metamorphosis
146 The Challenge Handcuff Act
153 The Naked Test Prison Escape
156 The Straitjackct Escape
160 The Overboard Box Escape
163 The Milk Can Escape
165 The Chinese Water Torture Cell Escape
169 The Needle Trick
171 Walking Through a Brick Wall
172 The Vanishing Elephant

128 Houdini in Color

174 The Legend of Houdini
177 The Magician as Mythmaker
180 A Spirit Speaks
183 The Mystery Behind the Message
190 The Undying Legend of Harry Houdini