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Hemingway, David: Exclusive Routines Part Two Close Up Routines
©1972 David Hemingway, Preston, England
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 44 pages
Exclusive Routines
              part 2
Image courtesy e-Bay seller MackiesAttic
David Hemingway: Exclusive Routines Part Two

Comments: Note, cover mentions "All-Action Spot Sticks", "Kings & Glasses", and "Simplex Chop Cup Routine" that are not explicitly listed on the contents page. These may be a part of the "supplement" section.

Contents: (descriptions from contents page)

2 The Two Ace Trick: no-sleight card trick performed by spectator
4 Perfect Card to Pocket: signed card to box
6 Button Magic: match heads change color through button holes
8 Last Word 3-Card Trick: principle can be used with other than playing cards
10 Miracle Dice Prediction: modern routine with old principle
12 Match Game: more mystifying the more it is repeated
15 Final Stage Vanisher: vanish coin, show both hands empty
16 The Present Trick: mental flavor card trick
19 Card Snap: transposition without sleights, introduces the "Reverse Glide"
22 Bean Cup: one-cup one-ball without sleights
25 Multiliq: production and vanish of drinks
27 Mixed Drinks: Oil & Water effect
29 My Drink Trick Addition: close-up classic
31 The Never-Were Cards: five big screams
32 Membership Card: a "punch finish" bar stunt
36 Colourblind: red and blue-backed card change in spectator's hands
37 The Peek Deck Revisited
39 After Milton Kort: audience participation

41 Special Supplement
41 Part One Two Professional Routines (All-Action Spot Sticks, Kings & Glasses)
43 Part Two Four Easy Stunts