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Heller, Robert: Heller's Book of Magic
©1898 Henry J. Wehman
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6.75x7.75", 100 pages
Heller's Book of Magic
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Robert Heller: Heller's Book of Magic

Comments: I believe that the Johnson Smith & Co. reprint from the 1930's/40's era has added some additional content over the original 1898 edition.

Contents (from eBook version, page numbers do not correspond to original):

3 Chapter I
3 Brief But All-Important Hints
5 Conjuring Tables
5 Conjuring Dress
6 Conjuring Wands
6 Palming
6 The Pass

7 Chapter II
7 The Magic Halfpenny Box
8 The Magic Marble Pedestal
8 The Mystic Money-Box
9 The Magic Telegraph Box
9 The Barber’S Pole
10 The Marvellous Shower Of Sweets
11 The Wizard’S Egg And Mystic Bag
12 The Great Nose And Twine Trick
13 The Magic Funnel
14 The Mysterious Glass Of Ink

15 Chapter III
15 The Changing And Burning Card Box
16 The Mystic Bran Glass
17 The Mysterious Counter Pedestal
17 Mouchoir Du Diable, Or The Demon Handkerchief
18 The Dissolving Pile Of Halfpence
19 The Magic Dissolving Pack Of Cards
20 The Wonderful Rattle Box
21 The Mysterious Candle And Bewitched Handkerchief
22 The Enchanted Card And Rose
23 The Mystic Family

24 Chapter IV
24 Forcing Packs of Cards
25 The Biseatté Pack of Cards
25 Magic Spring Balls
26 Magic Spring Babies
26 The Mystic Fruit-Knife
27 The Magic Birth of Flowers
28 The Magic Flowers and Mysterious Bottle
29 The Magic Millet Bell and Bushel of Seed
30 The Magic Hammer and Ball
30 The Mystic Sweet Wand
31 The Mystic Money-Plate
32 The Goblets and Hat Trick

32 Chapter V
32 The Mysterious Glass Casket
33 The Magic Canister
34 The Great Sack Trick
35 The Dissolving Flag and Candle
36 The Dissolving Egg and Handkerchief
37 The Mysterious Bran Bottle
37 The Passe-Passe Bottle
39 The Inexhaustible Bottle
39 The Mysterious Ladle of Fire
41 The Mysterious Watch Mortar
41 - Amateur Watch Mortar
42 - Professional Watch Mortar
43 The Mysterious Card Table