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Heinemann, Richard: Richard Heinemann Presents Original Magic
©1945 Carlo's Magic Shop, OH
Hardcover, 113 Pages
Present Original Magic
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Richard Heinemann: Richard Heinemann Presents Original Magic

Comments: Illustrations by Henri

Contents (from book ToC): 

1 A Word From the Publisher

3 Part One A Technique of Presentation

3 Chapter I What Makes a Magician?
12 Chapter II Developing a Magical Personality
21 Chapter III Building the Atmosphere of Your Show
35 Chapter IV The Language of the Hands
42 Chapter V The Care of the Hands
55 Chapter VI How to Invent Magical Effects

69 Part Two Original Effects

69 Chapter VII Manipulative Effects
69 A Unique Billiard Ball Move
71 The "Clean Cut" Coin Pass
75 The Heinmann Drop
78 A New "Click" Pass
81 A "Multiplying Coin" Move
82 A Visible Handkerchief Vanish
84 A Novel Opening Routine

89 Chapter VIII Comedy Effects
89 A Psychological Force
89 A Magical Surprise
90 “It’s All Done With Mirrors”
90 The Einstein Theory
91 Comedy Billiard Ball Variation
92 A Novel Interlude
94 The Vanish In Reverse
97 The Comedy Egg Transformation
99 The Comedy Fish Bowl Production

101 Chapter IX Miscellaneous Effects
101 The Pitcher That Fills With Liquid
103 The Card And Envelope
105 The Miraculous Handkerchief Production

109 Chapter X Mental Effects
109 The Postal Express Mystery
114 The Mind Reading Phonograph
115 The Ultra Book Test