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Hedges, Sid G: The Home Entertainer
©1939 Odhams Press Ltd., London
Hardcover, 320 pages
The Home Entertainer
Image courtesy e-Bay seller MagicCollectiblesPlus

Comments: This early 1900's book on entertainment is not primarily about magic, but does have a chapter "Simple Conjuring and Juggling"

Contents: Only the section on magic is fully detailed

7 Chapter 1 The Art of Successful Entertaining
7 Well-Prepared Informality
9 Giving an At-Home Party
14 How to Organize a Wedding Reception
15 Giving a Dinner Party

22 Chapter 2 Planned Parties
22 A New Years Party: with suggested activities
25 Giving a Birthday Party: more suggested activities

31 Chapter 3 Party Games
31 Lively Games: such as Found Animals, Army Orders, Lemon Golf, and more
36 Quiet Games that Please Everybody: such as Numbered Seats, Conversation, etc.
41 Games Played to Music: Musical Basket, A Hiking We Will Go, etc.
44 Passing the Nut: more games
45 A Team Game with Skittles
46 Brain Test Games
48 A Game for Psychologists: Likeness

49 Chapter 4 Puzzles and Paper Games
49 Puzzles: word, logic and math puzzles
58 Solutions to Puzzles
61 Paper Games: such as Transformations, Squared Words, and more

70 Chapter 5 Indoor Pastimes
70 Table Tennis
74 Ludo and Other Board Games
79 Solitaire: peg-board
81 Backgammon
82 Dominoes: several games
89 A Test of Alertness: lotto
92 Darts

99 Chapter 6 Fun For the Children
99 Active Indoor Games: Feeding Time, Hand Football, etc.
102 For Smaller Children
108 Two Games for Two Teams
112 Stunt Games for Children
116 Games for the Garden: outdoor games, including making stilts

126 Chapter 7 Simple Conjuring and Juggling
126 The Simplest Trick in the World: a math trick with cards and a hat
126 Telepathy: magician tells the objects (confederate)
127 Spotting the Winners: magician instantly finds three selections returned to the deck
128 Counting Cards: a mathematical card trick
129 How to Double Your Capital: a coin doubles in value when wrapped in paper
130 Making Your Friends Lay Eggs: multiple eggs from assistant's mouth
131 Thought Reading: using a microphone
132 Picking Your Own Pocket: Magician removes a chosen color handkerchief from coat pocket unknotted, even though three were knotted together by spectator
132 Mental Marvel: message revelation (with confederate)
133 The Four Pack Trick: magician reads the top cards of four packets
134 Juggling: balls
141 Juggling with Cups and Plates
144 Other Interesting Tricks: for jugglers

146 Chapter 8 Amateur Theatricals
146 General Hints on Production: producing you own home or amateur theatre plays
148 How to Construct the Stage
150 Choosing a Play
154 Producing Children's Plays

156 Chapter 9 Community Songs
156 Songs for Singing: such as Some Folks Do, There's a Hole in Tha' Bucket, and the Vicar of Bray

178 Chapter 10 Simple Card Games
178 Basic Rules: Dealing and shuffling, penalties
179 Whist for Two
180 Bezique: an old Victorian favorite
183 Cribbage
187 Ving-et-un: Gambling game
190 Rummy
192 Long Kitty
195 Hearts

198 Chapter 11 Auction and Contract Bridge
198 Auction Bridge
201 Contact Bridge

215 Chapter 12 Billiards, Snooker and Bagatelle
215 Introduction: the Billiard Room, table, balls, cue, etc.
222 Scoring Strokes in Billiards
231 Fascination of Snooker
237 Rules of Bagatelle

238 Chapter 13 Chess
238 Arrangement of the Chessmen
240 How a Piece Can be Captured
245 Openings
250 How to Effect Checkmate

255 Chapter 14 Draughts
255 Object of the Game
257 Tactics
263 Polish Draughts

267 Chapter 15 Music for All
267 Use of the Stave: and reading music
270 How to Play the Harmonica
280 Keys and Key Signatures
291 How to Hold the Ukulele

298 Chapter 16 Garden Games
298 Ring Tennis
307 Croquet
311 Pin Ball

316 Index