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Haydn, Whit: The Intricate Web of Distraction (The Color Changing Knives)
©1989 The School for Scoundrels
Paper, plastic-binding,12 pages
Intricate Web of Distraction
Image from Magicref

Comments: Whit Haydn's color changing knives routine is a well thought out approach to the effect. The routine is not too long or too short, and includes audience participation and comedy. B&W photos are adequate but not too clear. Recommended.


1 Introduction and motivation
2 The Knives: uses a three knife set with stag and pearl handles. The stag handle helps in differentiating the sides.
2 The Moves
2 The Paddle Move
3 Spread Paddle
3 The Flip
3 The Close Vanish
5 The Spin Change
7 The Routine: the routine is set up so that the color change is presented as just a "distraction" to the intent. Routine ends with the knives in the pocket.