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Haydn, Whit: Four Ring Routine
©1982 Whit Haydn, 1986 Magic Inc.
Paper, Comb-Bound, 8.5x11", 19 pages
Four Ring Routine
Image from Magicref

Comments: B&W clear photos throughout. This is a well done comedy four ring routine. The use of the spectator is cleverly routined to avoid undue embarrassment or "challenge". It uses many of the moves as presented in Dai Vernon's "Symphony of the Rings". Highly recommended, as is "Symphony of the Rings".


3 Introduction: comments about the routine
4 The Count: The four rings are counted with an Odin type count, Spectator on your Right
4 The Demonstration: Spectator is given one ring, your ring links solid through solid. Rings are unlinked.
8 The Lesson: Spectator "links" two rings as you show them how. You then unlink yours, explaining how, and rapidly link yours again. When you turn toward the spec, his are linked. "Perfect!" you exclaim. The rings are linked and unlinked twice more, once with a pullthrough, once with a spinning unlink, each time the magician thinking the spectator has kept up.
15 Linking Four Rings: After the spectator has sat down, the four rings are linked in a chain of four, double linked, all linked on one, and all separated again for the finish
19 Afterthoughts: Tips on keeping an extra single, and using Jack Miller's and Tarbell's moves without a Key.