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Hayden, Allan: Number Two (Lecture Notes)
1993-2005 Allan Hayden
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 27 pages
Available as an e-book from Professional Magic Routines
Number Two
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Second Lecture
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Comments: John Cesta of Professional Magic Routines has released several of Allan Hayden's books in e-book format, including Allan Hayden's Fancy Ring Routine, Allan Hayden's Mighty Silver Bulldog, and these lecture notes. Allan's routines are typically comedic in nature, and the material is accessible to the intermediate magician. The production quality is simple, in line with self-published works. Number Two has no drawings and is text only.


4 Subtle Triumph: Deck is shuffled face up and face down, is spread and seen to have corrected itself with the exception of the selection.
6 Double Slop: Deck is mixed face up and face down, and rights itself at the snap of the fingers
7 Eye Opener: Variation of Garcia's Chicago Opener / Jim Ryan's Red Hot Mama (cards)
9 Allan Hayden's Jumbo Coin Production: coin grows as it is dropped into the spectator's hand or onto the table
11 Bottom-Deal Dodge: Card Gambling demo
12 Fechter's Double Locator (Eddie Fechter): face up spot card indicates positions of two selections
14 Fechter's Ambitious Transposition (Eddie Fechter): Card transposition with two handlings
16 Cutting the Aces: fast and flashy method
18 One Cup Routine: Uses one cup from a Cups & Balls set (not a Chop Cup). A short routine can be performed standing or seated, and no jacket required.
23 Half & Hole: a half dollar locates and damages the selected card
24 Notes on the Gozinta: Sponge Ball (how does this differ from routine in Haydenizms?)
27 Funny and Fun Card in Wallet: a humorous approach to the Card in Wallet (emphasis is on the comedy but, not the details of Card to Wallet)