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Hawkesworth, Eric: Practical Lessons In Magic
©1967 Eric Hawkesworth, Hawthorn Books Inc., NY
©1967 Faber & Faber Ltd., London
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 95 pages (71 pages Faber ed)
Practical Lessons in Magic
Hawthorn Books Edition
Image from Magicref
Practical Lessons In Magic
Faber & Faber Edition
Image courtesy eBay seller DiddyWench

Comments: "Tricks and Illusions for the Amateur Performer". With diagrams by the author. A beginner's book, but certainly not your typical selection of effects.
Apparently it was published in two different formats. The copy I owned was in "landscape" format, as seen above on the left.


ix Foreword
3 Key of Kronis: a cut and restored rope with a Key and a Mythical City storyline
9 Washday Wonder: Eric's presentation of Soft-Soap
15 Get Rich Quick: Eric's approach to Miser's Dream
21 The Teacup Reveals: a special card "fishes" for the selection
27 The Tube Tells: a paper cylinder rises and falls magically on a cord
33 The Wizard's Walking Stick: vanishing cane you can make
39 Great Bullion Theft: gold block transposes to a hat, with a patter-line of criminals
45 Surprise Package: a variation of the Rice Bowls
51 Spirit Séance: strange activity takes place behind a banner
57 Head Spinner: Optical illusion
63 Little Dolly Daydream: doll production from empty boxes
69 Chinese Manacles: wrist escape
75 The Floating Beaker: plastic beaker adheres to book turned upside down
81 Don't Look Now!: a model skeleton vanishes in a handkerchief and appears on your back
87 Welsh Rag Doll: Doll vanishes from a handbag to be replaced by doll parts
95 Two Suggested Thirty-Minute Programs for Children and Adults