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Hawkesworth, Eric: A Magic Variety Show
Novelty Acts for The Entertainer
©1973 Eric Hawkesworth
Hardcover, 96 pages
A Magic Variety Show
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Eric Hawkesworth: A Magic Variety Show

Comments: Illustrated by Margaret and Eric Hawkesworth.

Contents (from book ToC):

9 Foreword

11 Chapeaugraphy
Making and Forming the Chapeau Brim
Famous People In History

23 The Great Computo
Card Into Crystal
A Sweet Prediction
Name of the Game

34 Chinese Paper Folding
Making the Pleated Paper Fold and Forming the Figures
Legend of the Willow Pattern

45 Magic Spelling
Making and Lettering the Paper Strip
A Poem of Thanks

49 Paper Tearing
Preparing the Paper Folds
Voyage of the 'Saucy Sue'

60 Drawing By Numbers
How to Make the Drawing Board
The 3T Parrot
Mr. Equation
A Magic Production

65 A Stage Shadowgraph Show
Screen and Projection Lamp and Making Hand Shadowgraphs
The Adventures of Sam Shadow

76 It's Magic!
Coins A-Plenty
Power of the Press
Snow White Wash

89 Showmanship and Presentation
Staging the Acts with Extra Props, Costumes, Lighting, Music and Stage Settings
Act Nameboards and Programmes

96 Other Books to Consult