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Haskell, Bob: The Magic of Haskell
©1962 Bob Haskell
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 31 pages
Magic of Haskell
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Bob Haskell: The Magic of Haskell

Comments: From the Intro: "This is not a "how to do it" for beginners, but is magical entertainment intended for performers and requires a working knowledge of the basic sleights used in magic..."


1 Introduction
2 Contents
3 B&W Photo: Bob & LaVerne Haskell
4 Advertising Press

7 Red and Blue Transition #1: Two selected Red backed cards pass into blue backed cards held by Spectator
8 Red and Blue Transition #2
10 Much Ado About Nothing: Two spectators choose the same card
12 With a Forcing Deck: A card is selected from a deck all the same, and the selection turns into a different card
13 Rope It: performer lasso's the selection as the cards are tossed in the air
14 Psysic Tapping #1: with Cards
15 Psysic Tapping #2: using a map of the United States
17 The Gypsy Blessing: a bill swindle
18 Impromptu Torn and Restored Card: using the above switch
20 Instant Transposition: of two initialed cards
21 Four Aces for Stage or Platform: Aces, Blank Cards and glasses
22 Dalton Boys: patter for above effect using Jacks instead of Aces
23 Bloodhound Tape: a ribbon around a deck locates the selection
24 Glass Suspension: a knife lifts a glass of water
25 Science In Magic: story line for pouring large glasses into small (details of working not provided - standard effect)
26 Routine With a Rope: cut and restored
28 Acrobatic Silk: moves for a dancing silk using IT