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Harris, Paul with Casel, Tayari: Twilight-A Supernatural Coin Experience
©1979, published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Paper, 24 pages
Image from Magicref

Comments [Stewart Tame]: Illustrations by Dwight Dunaway. The last four pages are all ads for D. Robbins & Co., Inc. products.


1 Twilight: A small mirror is removed from a plastic sleeve and placed on the table, magician holds mirror upright and places a half dollar in front of it, sliding the coin to one side the magician reveals that another coin has slid out from behind the mirror at the same time-the reflection has become real, mirror placed between the coins, visible coin openly turned tails up, mirror removed to show that other coin has turned tails up as well, mirror placed between coins again, both coins squeezed together and mirror lifted to show single coin, mirror replaced next to coin which is slid to one side revealing two again, mirror placed behind both coins, then lifted to show that the two have become four.
18 Looy's Fancy Putdown by Looy Simonoff: Alternate handling for initial stage of routine when mirror is placed on table.