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Harris, Paul: Paul Harris Reveals Some of His Most Intimate Secrets
1976, published by The Rainbow Magic Machine
Softcover, Comb-bound, 8.5x11",  81 pages
Paul Harris
              Reveals Some of His Most Intimate Secrets
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Comments (Stewart Tame): Illustrations by Patrick Snowden. Who but Paul Harris could write the following? "Warning!!! If this book is thrown away these pages will automatically dissolve into a mysterious powder which will transform itself into a bunch of little green men who will peek out of your wastebasket and stare at you disapprovingly."


i Paul Harris...Just Another Pretty Face? by Patrick Snowden
iii Inside Stuff :  Introduction by Paul Harris

1 Chapter I: Paul Harris Reveals Some of His Most Intimate Secrets
1 Solid Deception: Spectator signs card which is placed in center of deck, card rises to top repeatedly, when spectator attempts to insert card into middle of deck they find that the cards have all fused together into a solid block.
9 X-Press: A variation of P.H.'s own "Press" with different handling: three selected cards placed face up onto packet of four face down Aces, under cover of magician's hand top card changes to face down, cards spread to reveal face up cards now interlaced between Aces, selected cards removed and placed in deck, packet tapped with deck, deck spread to reveal four Aces face up in center of deck with selections interlaced again, packet on table turned over to reveal four Kings.
15 "Reflex": Spectator thinks of any card from a group of eight, spectator instructed to slam their hand down on their selection the minute it hits the table, cards turned over one at a time, then turned face down and dealt to table, when spectator slams hand down, magician produces their card from pocket.
18 The Dehydrated Deck: Small wad of folded cardboard is unfolded and shown to be a card case, the case is then handed to a spectator to remove the deck of cards from inside.
21 "Jigsaw": It "starts off as a pleasant little transposition of a signed card, escalates into a mind-bending version of Al Schniders' [sic] 'Matrix', using four pieces of a torn card, finally climaxing with the instant, visible restoration of these four pieces into the original signed card!"
29 La La's Lu Lu: Suggested as a continuation of Daryl Martinez' "Twisted Aces", four Aces displayed, turned face down, Aces vanish one at a time to appear in the center of the deck, the last Ace appears amongst the other three while they are covered by the spectator's hand.
36 Free-Flight: Coins vanish one at a time to appear under a single playing card, the fourth coin appears under the spectator's own hand.
44 The Infamous Tap-Dancing Cards: A selected card travels from the center of one packet to another, two Jacks placed one on each side of it, second card selected and returned to the other packet, card between Jacks changes to second selection, first selection produced from magician's pocket.
51 Tap Dancing Finale: A few changes to "The Infamous Tap-Dancing Cards" which make it possible to spread the deck face down to show that,
except for the two selections, all of the backs have changed to a different color.

55 Chapter 2: Paul Harris Reveals Some of His Friends' Most Intimate Secrets
55 The Super Bowl (Patrick Snowden): A Benson bowl routine involving bowl, wand, four red sponge balls, one black, and one large load for the climax.
66 Twisted Aces (Daryl Martinez): Four Aces displayed and turned face down, one at a time they turn face up, the final Ace vanishes to reappear face up in the center of the deck.
70 The Curley-Cue-Move (Randolph Holt): A card flourish, fanning the cards to get a double fan.

73 Chapter 3: Paul Harris Reveals His Most Intimate Secret
73 The Bizarre Twist!: Face down card sandwiched between two others instantly and visibly turns face up, this is repeated several times, the last time, instead of turning face up, the back changes to a contrasting color.