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Harris, Paul: Las Vegas Close-Up
1978, Published by Chuck Martinez Productions
Illustrations by Dwight Dunaway
Hardcover, 150 pages
Las Vegas Close
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Zigby7

Comments (Stewart Tame): I love Paul Harris' writing style. Some of the magic is quite sleight-intensive though.


i Foreword by Jimmy Grippo
ii The Care and Feeding of Paul Harris by Chuck Martinez
iii Inside/Close-Up: Introduction by P.H.
1 Pen-Ultimate*: Yes, the "*" is part of the title, signed card is inserted under the clip of ballpoint pen, spectator holds both ends of pen, fan of cards covers card, when removed signed card is seen to be impaled on the pen.
10 UnCanny: Chop Cup routine with solid ball and tin can, ball eventually changes to larger ball, can is shown to be sealed at both ends.
19 Stapled! by Paul and Looy: Two Jokers shown stapled together, given to spectator to hold, selected card (can be signed) instantly changes to a Joker, selected card found stapled to Joker in spectator's hand.
26 The P.H. Invisible Palm: Four Aces, one placed face down on table, magician openly palms Ace, turns hand palm up to show Ace invisible, hand placed on Ace on table, removed to reveal two, eventually all four Aces end up on table.
42 Absorption: A playing card is absorbed into the design on a playing card case.
52 OverExposure: The deck becomes a camera complete with flashcube and picture ejection mechanism, several "pictures" taken and placed face down on table, cards on table change to four Queens.
58 Invisible Rising Card: Spectator thinks of card, magician announces that card has become invisible, invisible card then rises out of deck as magician gives description for those who can't see invisible cards, spectator names card, magician spreads deck to show that single card is face down, face down card turned over to reveal it's the selection.
64 "The Hard Way": Magician shows how a thin film of saliva will cause two dice to cling together, dice then shown to be permanently glued together.
67 Aero-Dynamic Dollar by Thomas A. O'Lenick: Borrowed dollar bill attaches itself to the ceiling.
74 Gambler vs. Mentalist vs. Magician: Card selected, half the deck shuffled in face up, eventually spectator's card is revealed to be the only one face up.
82 Cros Twist by Daniel Cros: One-handed version of Paul's Bizarre Twist, card sandwiched face down between two other cards visibly turns face up.
87 Paper Chase by Paul Harris and Daniel Cros: Cocktail napkin torn into four squares, squares wadded up, balls vanish and reappear under magician's hand, all four mashed together, cocktail napkin restored.
91 The Incredible Tap Dancing Aces: "Three aces vanish one at a time from your hands, reappearing moments later in the tabled deck: the fourth ace having magically penetrated a spectator's hand."
104 Looy's False Count: Magician pulls self through doorway ...sideways. More an odd stunt than a magic effect.
107 New Twisted Collectors by J.C. Wagner and Allan Ackerman: "A 'moveless' twisting-the-aces is performed, each ace magically turning face-up. For a really stunning finish, the packet is spread to reveal three previously selected cards interlaced face-down among the four face-up aces."
112 Las Vegas Leaper: "Cards Across" routine in which the spectator does all of the counting.
116 Silver/Slide: Impromptu method for producing four coins from underneath four cards.
124 Korem's Card on Tie: Developed with Danny Korem, spectator selects card and tears off one corner of it, spectator inserts pin in deck and hurls it at magician's chest, one card is seen to be stuck to magician's tie with pin, selected card, torn corner matches.
129 Splits Unlimited: A Two is visibly split into two Aces, various methods given.
136 Cardician's Blendo: Ten of Diamonds forced, magician tries twice to locate it, ending up with the Six and Four of Diamonds, both cards pressed together to become the needed Ten.
140 Interlaced Vanish: Three Aces interlaced between four Kings, fourth Ace under spectator's hand, three Aces vanish (Kings can be examined), Ace under hand changes to indifferent card, deck cut into three piles, Ace at top of each, fourth Ace found in card case which has been in full view the entire time.
148 Perpetual Motion Coin Myth: Coin flourish in which one coin is held between two others and caused to spin.