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Harris, Paul: New Stars of Magic Presents The Immaculate Connection
©1983 Tannen's Magic Manuscript, Ltd.
Illustrations: photos by PJJP Studios
Paper, stapled, 12 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller CosanostraMagic

Comments (Stewart Tame): Still the best linking cards routine around.Part of Tannen's New Stars of Magic series, this one is Volume 2, Number 1.


1 Effect: described. Centers openly torn from three playing cards, resulting rings are linked, unlinked, finally rings are torn to unlink, but tear is magically restored and all three cards may be examined.
2 History: 1977's Cardboard Connection
2 The First Link
5 - Fine Points of the First Link
5 The Blow-Through Penetration
7 - Fine Points of the Blow Through Penetration
7 The Table Link
9 - Fine Points of the Table Link
9 The Tear
11 Preferred Presentation (Looy Simonoff and Paul Harris)
11 Disconnected Thoughts