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Harris, Paul: Close-up Fantasies Book II
©1980, published by Chuck Martinez Productions
Hardcover, 117 pages
Close Up
              Fantasies Book II
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Comments (Stewart Tame): Illustrations by Dwight Dunaway. Paul writes a great book. They're fun to read even if the sleights are a little more advanced than I can handle.


Foreword by Dick Ryan
Foreword by Allan Ackerman
1 The Time Machine: Time machine is square of black paper, removed from magician's pocket, travels back to pocket, four Kings placed face-up under time machine, three travel to deck.
19 The Floating Deck: Half of borrowed deck visibly levitates above rest.
31 Breaking Point by Looy & Paul: Magician removes cap from ballpoint pen, breaks point off pen, moves it to other end.
39 Super Sack by Randy Tanner & Bud Dietrich: Different approach to Signed Card in Envelope effect.
45 The Uncut Version: Two half cards (each is half of different card) placed on face of deck, visibly regenerate, pass through one another.
57 The Uncut Version of The Uncut Version: Variant handling of above, two cards torn in half to create needed half cards.
71 Fantasy Coins Thru Table: New approach allows magician to keep both hands on table while coins penetrate.
79 Reassembled Finale by Allan Ackerman: Three Queens vanish one at a time from their respective packets to join the fourth, Queens instantly disperse back to original positions.
89 The Jack Puzzle: Spectator given Ace, magician keeps two Jacks, one Jack openly exchanged with Ace, spectator finds they still have Ace, magician still has two Jacks, Ace placed aside, spectator given one Jack, Jack changes to Ace, spectator places hand over "invisible Jack", magician places hand over Ace, spectator finds Ace under hand, magician has Jack.
97 Daryl's Elevator Repair: Ace, Two, Three of Diamonds travel up and down through deck, deck converted to "express elevator", cards travel so fast they leave their shadows (Spades) behind.
111 Stamped Second by Martin Lewis & P.H.: Full view second deal in slow motion while top card of deck has stamp stuck to it.