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Harris Ben: Out of His Mind!
©1985 Ben Harris, AU
Softcover, 130 pages
              of His Mind!
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Ben Harris: Out of His Mind!


Contents (from web description, numbers are not page numbers):

1 BH Reverse
2 BH Pass
3 Split Personality Move
4 PUP - Pick Up Palm
5 Quick Fold
6 DL Replacement Subtlety
7 Card Stand
8 Crosswize Rize
9 I'll Show You How!
10 The Two Card Illusion (Osmosis)
11 Flying Sandwich
12 Card and Coin to Pocket
13 Flash Card to Case
14 Instant Fold #1
15 Instant Fold #2
16 The Greenhouse Effect
17 The Impressionist
18 Topological Connection Climax
19 Four Changed
20 Up in Smoke