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Harris, Ben: Mad Fax and Other Mysteries
©1990 by BHM Industries, Australia.
Paper, 96 pages
Ben Harris: Mad Fax
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1 Other Mysteries
1 Click Click Click: Magicially print three cards, using a regular deck and three blanks
9 Highlight: a new principle for a highligher pen
13 Credit Highlight: a signature is erased and restored on the spectator's credit card
17 Through the Universe - Backwards: Odd backed card transposes with a mentally selected card from the deck. Then the deck and the odd card all change color
22 Flight of Fancy: 3 signed cards vanish from deck and appear in goblets (no palming)
34 Mental Photography: magician determines photographs held by three spectators
38 The Creeps: matchbox opens in spectator's hands and can be examined
43 The Strange Little House Upon the Hill: playing card vanishes and appears folded in the self-opening matchbox!
46 Tagged: a key releases from the key ring and is magically restored
50 Knuckle Buster: the magician snaps off his finger to release the spectator's finger ring

55 Mad Fax (Magic with a FAX Machine)
55 Prologue: A Little Sadist-fax-ion
57 Familiarization With Procedures
58 Selecting Your Target
59 Mind Reading Fax #1 - MentaFax: FAX machine reads the mind and reveals a thought-of card
63 Mind Reading Fax #2 - Brain Scan: FAX predicts which number your participant will freely select
67 Mirror Image Gag: Convince your targe that his fax unit is on the blink by makiong it spit out mirror-reversed transmissions
67 End Paper Gag: looks like the fax machine has run out of paper
68 Blank Off Gag: retaliate against purveryors of junk faxes
70 Million Dollar Gag: a fun money joke to play on friends with a fax machine
72 The Pseudo Telephone Answering Maching Gag: use your TeleFax or telephone as an answering service
72 Some Tone-Generated Bits: using the tones generated on a touch-dial pad
72 - Twilight Zone
73 - On Hold
73 - Beam Me Up, Scotty

77 And (bonus)
77 Dimensional Relativity: signed card turns inside out

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