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Harris, Ben & Steve Shufton (editor): Friendly Fire
©2010 Ben Harris
eBook, 140 Pages
Friendly Fire
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Comments (Ben Harris): Friendly Fire is an exciting collection of almost 30 effects, routines and essays from the contributors to Ben Harris' NEW DIRECTIONS MAGAZINE published between 1985-87.

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Contents (Updated Mar 2017):

7 Introduction

17 Bizarre Shuffle (Jerry Andrus): Mystifying and strange shuffling procedure
22 CrackerJack Stack (Ian Baxter): multi-phase die-stacking routine with mentalism twist and vanish of 5 dice
28 Clean Guillotine (Sixten Beme): Chop off the tip of your finger
35 Quandary (Steve Dusheck): silver/copper effect
41 Original, No Gaff, Reverse Matrix (Mike Gallo): 4 coins and four cards
50 Flipping Triumph (Ron Hadley): applies a Looy Simonoff move to the Triumph Plot
54 Matchbox Load (Ron Hadley): secretly load a coin (or folded card) into a matchbox.
56 Two Quick Routines (Ron Hadley): Two approaches for Ron's loading technique
58 Spread-action Palm (Ron Hadley): Ron's take on Le Paul’s Spread Pass.
62 Heat Vision (David Harkey): a bending pencil routine
68 Simple Lie Detector (Harry Lorayne): simple, but effective, Lie Detector Routine
76 Olram’s Hallucination (Ed Marlo): eliminates the Second Deal and the Palm
86 The Upward Kick (Ed Marlo): “SuperFlip” flourish and 3 effects
91 Flexible Bottom Lift (Ed Marlo): flexible multiple lift technique from the bottom of the deck.
95 Spectator Cuts The Aces (Daniel McCarthy): Based on Marlo’s “A Problem Posed” (36th method, New Tops, March 1962)
100 Ultimate Aces (Dr. Bill Nagler): Ace Cutting Routine with a surprise finish, using a Devano Deck.
103 Shaded Cards To Pockets (Jon Racherbaumer): Two cards repeatedly fly to two different pockets.
110 Back Spin Special (Jay Sankey): A coin is “back-spun” across the table and magically cuts the deck—locating a previous selection.
114 De-Crease (Jay Sankey/Ben Harris): startling Torn & Restored Card handling
122 Geller Card (Jay Sankey): non-gimmicked card bending “moment” is completely hands free
124 One For Fifty One (Jay Sankey/Richard Sanders): Entire Deck and a single card magically transpose

130 Essays
131 Magic/Photogrphy/Chess (Finn Jon): Essay
23 A Look At The Willing Suspension of Disbelief (Jay Sankey): Essay
24 The Value of Material Fiction (Jay Sankey): Essay
25 Miracle Workers Unite (Craige McComb Snader., Jr): Essay