Harris, Ben: Friendly Fire
©2010 Ben Harris
PDF, 140 Pages
Friendly Fire
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Comments (Ben Harris): Friendly Fire is an exciting collection of almost 30 effects, routines and essays from the contributors to Ben Harris' NEW DIRECTIONS MAGAZINE published between 1985-87.

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Contents (numbers are not page numbers; descriptions are from website):

1 Bizarre Shuffle (Jerry Andrus): A very strange shuffling procedure that is both mystifying and very funny. In Jerry’s hands this was liquid and smooth.
2 CrackerJack Stack (Ian Baxter): A multi-phase die-stacking routine with a mentalism twist and a striking vanish of FIVE dice!
3 Clean Guillotine (Sixten Beme): A method for chopping off the tip of the finger that will fool anyone, magicians included.
4 Quandary (Steve Dusheck): Is it a silver coin or a copper coin? Neither, it’s pure gold! A real worker’s routine that Steve has been using for decades!
5 Original, No Gaff, Reverse Matrix (Mike Gallo): Mike Gallo’s now famous version of the Reverse Matrix. Inspired by Gertner’s classic, Mike eliminated any extras. Seriously, JUST 4 coins, and four cards are used. This is a lesson in direct and powerful coin work.
6 Flipping Triumph (Ron Hadley): Ron cleverly applies a Looy Simonoff move to the Triumph Plot resulting in a stunningly tight routine. Neat and sweet.
7 Matchbox Load (Ron Hadley): A beautiful approach to secretly loading a coin (or folded card) into a matchbox. This is straight from Ron’s pro performances from the mid 1980s.
8 Two Quick Routines (Ron Hadley): Two approaches allowing you to put Ron’s wonderful loading technique to use.
9 Spread-action Palm (Ron Hadley): Ron applies some “Marlo-esque” thought to Harry Lorayne’s take on Le Paul’s Spread Pass.
10 Heat Vision (David Harkey): In 1987 David was a new kid on the block and I was thrilled to be able to publish his revolutionary material in both New Directions, and later, Simplicities. Here is his amazing “Heat Vision” Routine!
11 Simple Lie Detector (Harry Lorayne): A special treat here. I was to contributed to Harry’s magazine and books over the years, and to have him return the favor with a contribution to my little magazine was a thrill indeed. This is a simple, but effective, Lie Detector Routine. Presented, of course, in Harry’s own words.
12 Olram’s Hallucination (Ed Marlo): The origin of the ’effect’ per se, can be found in The Jinx No 1, October 1934. It was an EDDIE CLEVER concept. The method to be described here eliminates the Second Deal and the Palm. A modified gimmick is used, and the deck is encased by elastic bands. Also, the three selected cards are produced from different pockets. Five NON-GAFFED handlings then follow.
13 The Upward Kick (Ed Marlo): Ed takes on Ben’s notoriously tricky “SuperFlip” flourish and makes it a whole lot easier. Not to stop there, Ed then teaches 3 effects with the move!
14 Flexible Bottom Lift (Ed Marlo): A flexible multiple lift technique that works off the BOTTOM of the deck.
15 Spectator Cuts The Aces (Daniel McCarthy): Based on Marlo’s “A Problem Posed” (36th method, New Tops, March 1962) this lovely handling convincingly allows four GENUINE cuts.
16 Ultimate Aces (Dr. Bill Nagler): Bill describes an easy and effective Ace Cutting Routine with a surprise finish. The method is novel—it uses a Devano Deck.
17 Shaded Cards To Pockets (Jon Racherbaumer): A novel look at this plot taking cues from Duffie and Marlo. Two cards repeatedly fly to two different pockets.
18 Back Spin Special (Jay Sankey): This created a massive amount of interest when originally published in 1986. A coin is “back-spun” across the table and it magically cuts the deck—locating a previous selection.
19 De-Crease (Jay Sankey/Ben Harris): This startling Torn & Restored Card handling grew out of a week-long session at a magic convention in Nashville. Highly visual, crease free, and with a great “sound”.
20 Geller Card (Jay Sankey): The precursor to Ben’s gaffed card version (1988). This non-gimmicked card bending “moment” is completely hands free, and requires careful “timing” more than any great skill.
21 One For Fifty One (Jay Sankey/Richard Sanders): An ENTIRE DECK and a single card magically transpose under the most-visually compelling conditions. Mind-boggling, and a sign of what was to come from the young Sankey/Sanders team.
22 Magic/Photogrphy/Chess (Finn Jon): Essay
23 A Look At The Willing Suspension of Disbelief (Jay Sankey): Essay
24 The Value of Material Fiction (Jay Sankey): Essay
25 Miracle Workers Unite (Craige McComb Snader., Jr): Essay