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Harlan, Dan: Underground
©Unknown, Dan Harlan
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11" 20 pages
Image courtesy eBay seller Rrath
Dan Harlan: Underground

Comments: I don't see a title on this cover, but the eBay seller stated the title as "Underground"

Contents (from book cover, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Psychotic Surgery: cut and restored playing card
2 Starcle: A circular hole torn in a paper napkin changes to a star shape
3 On Again, Off Again: A ring penetrates on and off a piece of rope.
4 Rising Dough: A coin passes through three coins to arrive on top.
5 Penned In: Borrowed dollar changes into an IOU, and the bill is found in a pen
6 Natural Selection: Spectator randomly chooses a card which matches a prediction.
7 Match Twist: A matchbook laid on the magicians hand seems to move by itself
8 Shape Shifters: magician and spectator tissue paper shapes transpose and change color
9 Traveling Cash: Bill travels down rubber band ladder
10 Incredible Shrinking Rubber Band
11 Joint Venture
12 Impromptu Linking Rubber Bands