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Harlan, Dan: More Than Meets the Eye
©1992 Dan Harlan
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 12 pages
More Than Meets The Eye
Image courtesy eBay seller DMG89
Dan Harlan: More Than Meets the Eye

Comments: On the business of magic. From the Introduction: "Welcome to More Than Meets the Eye. Within the following pages you will find no descriptions of routines, or methods for performing a particular sleight Instead. I have written the real secrets of performing successful magic Once you learn, and apply, these techniques to your own performance, you'll And that you are a more effective and professional entertainer."


i These Notes Contain No Tricks, Only Magic

1 On With the Show
Making a List and Checking It Twice
The Series of Three Principle with Bite Size Pieces
Timing, Environment, and Delivery

9 Behind the Scenes
The Benefits of Scripting Your Show
Organizing Your Prop List to Avoid the Unexpected
Practicing and Rehearsing for Professionalism

11 Mind Your Business
Getting People to Call You for Shows
Gathering the Information About Shows
Protecting Yourself with A Contract