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Harlan, Dan: The Sleight Album
©1995 Dan Harlan & Aaron Fisher
Softcover, 8.5x11", 16 pages
The Sleight
Image courtesy e-Bay seller trr3d

Comments: The Magic of Aaron Fisher.


ii Contents (Jack Birnman)
2 The Long and Winding Trick: cards
4 Hey, Chewed: gum
5 Gum Together: more gum
7 Think for Yourself
8 You Never Give Me Your Money: coins
10 Here, There, and Everywhere: cards
13 Within You, Without You: a signed, selected card appears attached to a letter inside an envelope
15 Sexy Sadie's Sandwich: cards
15 - Illusion Control
16 You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello: cards
16 - One Handed Popover
16 Nowhere Pass - Bluff Handling: cards