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Harkey, David & Eric Anderson: AH-HA!
©1997 David Harkey, Eric Anderson,
Distributed by Clandestine Productions
Hardcover, 90 Pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Jac29000

Comments: (Wolfgang): I've gathered some descriptions from various reviews on the web...


7 Preface
9 Fingerling: spectator's thumb is removed and restored
12 Torque: coin bending in a cup of coffee
15 Scatterbrain: revelation of a word chosen freely from a page in the newspaper
21 Airlock: a car door magically unlocks (not using a remote!)
25 Twins: two selections transpose with two cards previously stapled together
29 Squink!: silver dollar to two halves to four quarters
34 DBA: magicians business card transposes with spectators (requires a stack of the spectator's cards, though)
37 Shufflesque: false riffle shuffle
41 Zuzu´s Petals: She Loves Me, She Loves Me not almost ends in disappointment...
43 Wingding: missing sticker is found on back of child's hand
47 Flashpack: stand-up production of a cased deck
50 Bottom Feeder: selection transposes with card sandwiched between two Jokers
54 Feeding Frenzy: Three selections transpose with three cards in a card box
57 Schombius: rubber band puzzle
60 Bonfire: matches burst into flames
63 East Meets West Meets South: modified version of this impromptu pencil through bill effect
66 Tour De Cartes: deck switch
68 Petrified: version of Paul Harris' Solid Deception (deck turns solid)
75 If Looks Could Kill: mentalist routine with business cards, envelopes, and marker
82 Outsmart: spelling card trick
87 Fooling Pavlov: You dog accepts bread that is called after the spectator's favorite food, but rejects it when called after the spectator's least favorite food