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Harbottle, Kainoa: TriFecTas
©2007 Kainoa Harbottle
e-Book, 20 pages
Image from Kainoa Harbottle
Kainoa Harbottle: Trifectas

Comments: Available from Kaiona Harbottle. References several other coin works such as David Williamson's Williamson's Wonders, Troy Hooser's DesTROYers, and Geoff Latta's Seven the Hard Way lecture.


1 Introduction

3 Trifecta I: routine with four ungimmicked coins
3 Appearances
4 Journeys
7 Disappearances

9 Trifecta II: using a shell
9 Monad
13 Duad
14 Triad
16 Wink Outs
27 Interplay
19 Terminus