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Harbottle, Kainoa & Curtis Kam: Ate Misbehavin'
©2007 A CKHmagic Production
 Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 20 pages
Ate Misbehavin'
Harbottle & Kam: Ate Misbehavin'

Comments: Illustrations by Laura Simo. A full four coin act with two presentations, one by Curtis Kam and the other by Kainoa Harbottle. Can be performed standing, with no table needed. I believe an updated version with video is now available as Misbehavin'.


i The First (and Last) Word

1 Ate Misbehavin' (Curtis Kam): a full multi-phase coin act including bitten & restored coin. Uses three coins and a folder. Curtis uses worn Morgan's.
1 Method
2 First Blood
4 Eating Off the Dollar Menu
7 Round 2
9 Some Things Missing
10 Final Round

12 Ate Misbehavin (Kainoa Harbottle): four coins appear and disappear. Uses three soft coins and a shell.
12 Effect
12 Method
13 First Time Offender
17 Second Infraction
19 Three Strikes