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Harbottle, Kainoa: Cointopia
©2003 Kainoa Harbottle
e-Book, 25 pages
Image from Kainoa Harbottle
Kainoa Harbottle: Cointopia

Comments: For Coinvention 2003. Photos by Harbottle, Illustrations by Laura Simo. Builds on ideas from Kainoa's Coins on Edge book. Available from Kainoa Harbottle


1 Air Click: move for the click-pass
3 Plural Push-Through Changeover: based on a move from Shoot Ogawa's Neo Purse Frame
5 Slapping Mutobe: hands slapped to show empty, yet stack of coins revealed
9 Slapping 4 Compliments: vanish sequence
11 Upside Down Spellbound: palm down rather than up
13 J.W. Grip Spellbound
15 Mutobe-esque Spellbound: using the Mutobe palm
17 Fingertip Miscle Pass
20 Rolling Stone: four coin production/vanish/production based on a David Stone routine
22 Wolverine: eight coin production