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Kainoa Harbottle: Coins on Edge
2003 Kainoa Harbottle; self published
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 114 pages
Coins on Edge
Image courtesy The Cuckoo's Nest

Comments: Photos and Illustrations by Laura Simo.
No-gaff coin magic featuring the Edge Grip. Lengthy section on teaching the sleights, then 9 great routines provided.


1 Introduction (Kainoa Harbottle)

4 Edgy Work
4 Edge Grip Theory and Practice: introduction to the Edge Grip
7 Retention Pass to Edge Grip 1
9 Retention Pass to Edge Grip 2
12 Edge Grip Production 1
13 Edge Grip Production 2
14 Spin Display: flourish
16 Spin Display Production
18 Edge Grip to Edge Grip Change (Jonathan Townsend)
20 Edge Grip to Edge Grip Change (Harbottle)
22 Edge Flip Placement
23 Edge Flip Steal

26 Even Edgier: with a stack of coins
27 Edge Grip to Edge Grip Transfer
29 Edge Grip to Curl Palm Transfer
31 Edge Grip Drop Steal
32 X for X X-Change

34 Foreign Edges: Mutobe Palm
35 Stealth Steal
38 Pop-Up Steal
39 Action Steal
40 Drop Transfer
41 Drag Transfer
42 Through the Hand 2
44 Flying Wombat and Kinky Fying Wombat: Raven-esque vanish of a coin
47 Hideous Kinky Flying Wombat: applied to a Spellbound change

49 Down the Edges: with the Steeplechase Discrepancy
50 Steeplechase Shuttle/Change
52 One Handed Steeplechase Discrepancy
53 Non-Discrepant Steeplechase Discrepancy: side-note

55 Edgy Transpositons: with a Copper/Silver coin
56 ET 1
57 ET 2
57 ET 3
58 ET 4
59 ET Endnote

61 Odd Edges: Miscellany
62 Quotable: a gesture while concealing
64 One Moment: a convincer
66 Reverse Thumb Palm Recovery: retrieving the coin

68 Over the Edge: routine section
69 Sneeze Guard: coins from the nose - yuk!
71 Flurious Four: a "one coin" routine with a mult-coin climax
74 Delayed Expectations: coins vanish but don't reappear as exepected
77 Punctuated Equilibrium Coins Across: coins across, but not as expected
84 Pendulum Hanging Coins 1: hanging coins using two hands
89 Pendulum Hanging Coins 2: with increasingly convincing vanishes
94 Another Flipping Three Fly: Harbottle's version
100 Beijing Trio: some additional sequences
100 - BT 1 Spellbound and Gagged
105 - BT 2 A Quick Hanging Coins
105 - BT 3 Cha-Ching!
107 - BT 4 EAsy Cha-Ching!
108 Deja-Flew: a coins across for four coins, in the spectator's hands