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Harbottle, Kainoa: A Petite Pamphlet on Pasteboards
©2004 Kainoa Harbottle
e-Book, 18 pages
A Petit Pamphlet on
Image from Kainoa Harbottle
Kainoa Harbottle: A Petit Pamphlet on Pasteboards

Comments: Available from from Kainoa Harbottle


1 Everybody's Opener: a pesky card keeps interrupting the 'real' selection
4 Daley's Conformed Twins: packet trick with four Queens
8 No More Special Favorites or Trying to be PC: three selections are repeatedly found/discovered
12 Passing Practice: three selections found with a shake of the deck
14 Like Mike Triumph: while mixing cards face up and face down, the selection and its mates are found