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Harbin, Robert: Magic Of Robert Harbin
©1970 C.W. Mole and Sons, London, England
Hardcover,193 pages
Magic of Robert
Image courtesy e-Bay seller KochMagic
Robert Harbin: Magic of Robert Harbin


Contents (from Magicpedia, numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Vanishing Vase and Flowers
2 Harbin's Vanishing Radio
3 Harbin's Folding Trolley
4 The R.H. Cigarette Routine
5 The R.H. Rope Routine
6 Harbin's Torn and Restored Newspaper
7 Drinka Pinta
8 Cage to Bouquet or The Ever-Vanishing Birdcage
9 My Lady's Ring
10 Harbin's Packaway Tables
11Upside-Down Production Box
12 Super X Plus
13 Harbin Chair Suspension
14 The Magic Carpet
15 Super Simplex Levitation
16 Beer Barrel Penetration
17 Head Off
18 Experiment 13
19 R.H See Saw (Visible Sawing Through)
20 Topsy Turvy
21 Take it Away
22 Little by Little
23 The Zig-Zag Girl
24 The Great Book Test
25 The Knight's Tour
26 Master Plan
27 Vana, the Living Plant
28 The Red Hands
29 The Hands of Dracula
30 The Space Wheel
31 Petra
32 The Invisible Man (or Out of this World)
33 The Wizard of OZ
34 - The Ruby Shoes
35 - The Cauldron
36 - The Mutilated Straw Man
37 - The Vanishing Witch
38 - The Sentry Box
39 Last Word (If Ever a Wiz there Woz)
40 Last Last Word
41 Will o' the Wisp
42 Copy of Agreement
43 Other Books by the Author