Harbin, Robert: Harbincadabra
Brainwaves and Brainstorms of Robert Harbin
©1979 A Goodliffe Publication, London
Hardcover w/DJ, 311 pages

©2005 Magico Magazine, NY
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Robert Harbin: Harbincadabra

Comments: From the Pages of Abracadabra 1947 - 1965

Contents (partial, from first page of contents list of Magico Mag edition):

1 If Ever a Wizard There Woz, by Bayard Grimshaw

9 A Vanishing Lamp
11 Emulate the Masters: locator card
12 The Organ Pipes Organised
12b Program; Photograph: Magician’s Club Annual Dinner, 1931; Harbin and Dorothy performing, ca. 1931
14 “Outline” Escape
16 A Novel Bowl Production
18 Stage Cups and Balls
20 Good Show!
20 Paddle Trick
22 What—No Thumb-Tip?
23 Card in Bottle
24 Knotted Silks
26 Hat-Box Radio Production
28 Carrying Close-Up Magic
30 Post It: card routine
31 Walking Through a Rope
33 Self-Lighting Match
34 Comedy Table
36 Man in the Moon: children’s effect
38 Harbin’s Billet Box
40 The Tipsy Guardsman
42 Simple Finger Tricks
46 The Devil’s Breath
48 Dressing Room Escape
49 Locked Door Escape
51 Impromptu Lock Pick
52 Opening a Yale Lock
54 It’s Topsy—It’s Turvy: slate idea
55 Tubes and Balls
57 Jumping Flower
59 Card in Envelopes
60 Act in a Hat
60b Photographs: Harbin with Upside-Down Production Box; Maskelyne’s Mysteries, Diamond Jubilee Harbin, Dorothy, Grimshaws, Fleming
62 Shell Manipulation
66 Harbin and the Linking Rings

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