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Harbin, Robert: Demon Magic
©1938 L. Davenport & Co., London
Softcover, 58 pages
Demon Magic
Image courtesy eBay seller SorcererGuy
Robert Harbin: Demon Magic



8 Walking Through a Rope
10 The Blue Ray
13 Two of the Best
14 The Stocks of Har Bin
16 Most Unusual!
18 The Vanishing Glass and Contents
20 The Knives of Opah
22 Two "Demons"
25 The "Demon" Pins
27 The "Demon" Lamp
30 The Superb Change
32 Some Table Designs
33 Novelties
35 If You Want a Wife?
37 My Floating Glass
39 The Demon Shadow Trick
41 There and Back!
43 Some Paper Magic
45 A Torn Newspaper
47 Have Some More!
49 If You Want a Production Box!
51 The Packing Case Escape
52 Har Bin's "Demon" Paddle
55 Crockery