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Hanson, Herman & John Zweers: The Magic Man
©1974 Haines House of Cards
Hardcover, 104 pages
              Magic Man
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Hermon Hanson & John Zweers: The Magic Man

Comments: The life of Hanson, who was a vaudeville magician and assistant to Howard Thurston.

Contents (Chapters, from book ToC):

9 Chapter One: Magician In the Making
21 Chapter Two: The Mystic Hanson Trio
33 Chapter Three: Hanson and the Burton Sisters, The Magic Man and his Magical Maids
43 Chapter Four: The Years with Thurston
56 Chapter Five: How I became a Dealer
65 Chapter Six: Hanson and the Magic World
76 Postscript by one of the authors, John Zweers
78 Appendix Number One - A brief biography of Howard Thurston (John Zweers)
89 Appendix Number Two - Programs of the Boston Magicales (Herman Hanson)
96 Appendix Number Three - Some Magical Effects (Herman Hanson)
104 The Final Page