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Hamilton I.B.M. Ring 49: The Centennial Magic Book
©1973 Micky Hades, Calgary
Softcover, comb-bound, 33 pages
The Centennial Magic Book
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Hamilton IBM Ring 49: Centannial Magic Book

Comments: The Magic Wand Club. Illustrated with line drawings.


4 History of The Magic Wand
7 The Spell of Canada (Sid Lorraine)
11 Cutting a Silk in Half (Scotty Lang)
12 Thot'fe Impossible (Gene Smith)
13 Boomerang (Phil Grinstead)
14 Sum Trick (Joan Woodcock)
15 Muscial Thought Transference (Stan Hall)
16 Pick a Flower (Doug Hewitt)
17 Food for Thought (Max Scott)
17 I. 0. U. (Ernie Cross)
18 Coincidental Spelling (Scotty Lang)
19 Candle Magic (John Giordmaine)
20 Easy On Easy Off (Marcel Levonick)
23 Enock’s Milk Pitcher (Phil Grinstead)
23 Tips (Max Scott)
24 The Fun of Doing It Yourself (Doug Hewitt)
26 A Table Illusion (Max Scott)
26 Match Box Penetration (Howard Ward)
27 Impromptu Coin Routine (Gordon Braun)
28 A Mental Mystery (Scotty Lang)
30 A Flash Surprise (Johnny Giordmaine)
32 A Canadian Betcha (Sid Lorraine)