Hall, Trevor H.: The Testament of Ralph W. Hull
©1945 Academy of Recorded Crafts, Arts and Scientific Limited (ARCAS), London
Hardcover, 116 pages
Testament of R.W. Hull
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Testament of RW Hull
1946 Edition
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Trevor H. Hall: The Testament of Ralph W. Hull

Comments: Biography of Ralph W. Hall, 1883-1943 and his card magic.

Contents (chapters, from book ToC):

5 Preface
7 To the Reader
9 General and Biographical Note
15 Chapter One Some Useful Sleights
22 Chapter Two The Intelligence Quotient Test
34 Chapter Three Location, Prophecy and Transposition
45 Chapter Four The Unfinished Symphonies
54 Chapter Five An English Version of Name-O-Card
67 Chapter Six Problems Using the Rough and Smooth Principle
80 Chapter Seven The Miracle Torn and Restored Card
87 Chapter Eight Two Magical Miniatures
104 Chapter Nine A Magician Among the Spirits
115 Chapter Ten Bibliography of Ralph W. Hull