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Hall, Trevor H.: The Testament of Ralph W. Hull
©1945 Academy of Recorded Crafts, Arts and Scientific Limited (ARCAS), London
Hardcover, no d/j, 116 pages
Testament of R.W. Hull
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Testament of RW Hull
1946 Edition
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Trevor H. Hall: The Testament of Ralph W. Hull

Comments: Biography of Ralph W. Hall, 1883-1943 and his card magic.

Contents (From book; some detail added Aug 2017, page numbers only for main chapters):

5 Preface
7 To the Reader

9 General and Biographical Note

15 Chapter One Some Useful Sleights
- Overhand Shuffle Control: keeping a packet on the top
- Controlling Selection to the Top
- As a Force
- False Shuffle
- The Double Lift

22 Chapter Two The Intelligence Quotient Test: A Four Ace effect
- The First Observation Test
- The Second Observation or I.Q. Test
- A Series of Short Tests
- Observations

34 Chapter Three Location, Prophecy and Transposition
- The Detective Card Trick: a detective card helps magician count to selection; impromptu
- The Last Word Prediction: magician determines total value of reversed cards in the deck
- Positive and Negative Cards: a follow the leader effect with Sevens and Jacks
- Sidelights and Observations

45 Chapter Four The Unfinished Symphonies
- Assembly of the Jacks: a Four Ace routine with Jacks; impromptu
- Never Bet on the Other Man's Game: two selections transpose with indifferent cards

54 Chapter Five An English Version of Name-O-Card: Magician produces any card called for
- The Set Up
- The Breaks
- Producing Cards Other Than Breaks
- Presentation

67 Chapter Six Problems Using the Rough and Smooth Principle
- The Three In One Card Trick: Prediction with transposition of a card from one half of the deck to the other
- The Cosmic Ray Cards: Whole deck of cards changes from normal, to all sixes, to all Jacks, to all Backs, and back to normal again; explains how to construct the deck
- The Final Think Stop Trick: uses the Nu-Idea Forcing Pack
- The Care of Rough and Smooth Cards

80 Chapter Seven The Miracle Torn and Restored Card: new version of effect that appeared in More Eye Openers

87 Chapter Eight Two Magical Miniatures
- The Homing Ball: the ball and cone, using small 1.25" balls and a cardboard cone
-- Routine No. 1
-- Routine No. 2 Simplified Golf
- The Juggling Knives: color changing knives routine
-- R.W. Hull's Unpublished Routine
-- The Author's Routine

104 Chapter Nine A Magician Among the Spirits: slate routine using Dr Q locking flap slates

115 Chapter Ten Bibliography of Ralph W. Hull