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Hall, Trevor H.: Reading Is Believing
©1947 A Goodliffe Publication, London
Hardcover, 105 pages
Reading Is Believing
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Trevor H. Hall; Reading is Believing


Contents (Chapters, from book ToC):

7 Forword
11 To the Reader

13 Part One - Card and Mental Magic
15 Chapter One Mnd Power By Proxy
20 Chapter Two Stage Telephone Telepathy
27 Chapter Three A Simultaneous Coincidence
31 Chapter Four The Theory of Relativity
37 Chapter Five Incomprehensible Prediction
43 Chapter Six Location, Transposition, and Transformation
50 Chapter Seven The Torn and Restored Card
65 Chapter Eight Two Impossible Card Discoveries
70 Chapter Nine In the Middle

75 Part Two Presentation and Patter
77 Chapter Ten An Ancient Chinese Legend
81 Chapter Eleven Dragons in the Temple Garden
86 Chapter Twelve The Chinese Joss-Sticks
91 Chapter Thirteen Ti Cheng, Kumati
98 Chapter Fourteen Additional Legendary Tricks
104 Bibliography