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Hall, Trevor H.: The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown
©1973 Trevor Hall, Pub. The Magic Circle, London
Hardcover w/duskjacket, 214 pages
The Card Magic of
              Edward G. Brown
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Comments: 21 Illustrations (Photos)


vii List of Illustrations
ix Foreword by Francis White, President of The Magic Circle
xi Preface

1 Introduction
13 Edward Brown and the Magic Circle
21 Edward Brown and the Occult Committee, by Dr E. J. Dingwall

24 The Tricks
24 The Spelling Trick
27 Everywhere and Nowhere
36 The Poker Hand
39 The Twelve Card Thought Transition
43 The Cards up the Sleeve
52 A ‘Brown‘ Version of the Three Card Trick
56 Pictures and Pips
60 The Four Ace Trick
64 Two Coincidence Tricks
69 Mutus, Nomen, Dedit, Cocis
74 The Two Pile Trick
81 Two Tricks with Three Heaps
84 The Intelligence Quotient Test Improved
96 The Detective Card Trick
99 The Diminishing Cards
106 The Military Problem
115 Modernism in Mentalism and the Clueless Card Trick

115 The Lectures
115 Conjuring for Conjurers
131 Lecture without a Name
140 A Brief Analysis of the Principles of Mental Magic
166 Misdirection
173 Forcing
198 Sleights and Subtleties

211 Index