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Hallema, Flip: An Exposure to the Flip Experience
©2000 (circa) Flip Hallema
Paper, spiral-bound, 23 pages
An Exposure to
              the Flip Experience
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Trr3d


Contents (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Here's To You
2 Less is More, However...
3 Mending a Broken Heart
4 Instant Clairvoyant
5 Imp Act
6 Acme Roperation
7 Fishing Swell in a Wishing Well
8 The Sayonara or Goodbye-Knot
9 Fastest Four Ace Trick
10 Take A Card Trick
11 Incredi-Billfold-Card
12 Fool-Proof Selflocking Change Envelope