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Hallas, Paul: Mindful Mentalism 3
©2001 Paul Hallas, A PH Marketing Publication
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 68 pages
Mindful Mentalism 3
Image courtesy e-Bay seller pcharlebois888

Comments: The Final Collection collated by Paul Hallas


4 Thanks
5 Liquid Crystals
6 Number/Letter Card Force Plus
9 K.I.S.S. and the Inn at Cashtown
12 Rising Sun
16 Double Take
19 A Good Place to Hide
20 Meet the New Boss
22 Trainee Psychic
24 The Case of Margarette Cooper
28 The 'No Shi!, Sherlock' Book Test
32 Still Over the Rainbow
37 Open Prediction
40 The Cheapest Book Test in the World
42 Seven
44 'Number Please' Book Test
46 Isn't He Wonderful?
49 Sweet Sixteen
52 Good and Bad Vibrations
56 Lottery Fever
58 One for Rovi
61 Stars In Their Eyes
64 Laughology
66 Mental Conflict
68 Bibliography