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Hallas, Paul: Best of Alchemy Card Magic
©2003 Paul Hallas
Softcover, 33 pages
Best of Alchemy
              Card Magic
Image courtesy e-Bay seller FlosHubby

Comments: Card magic from the pages of Alchemy magazine.


2 Introduction
3 Here Lies the Truth (Peter Duffie)
4 Datum (Arthur Setterington)
5 Predomination (Arthur Setterington)
6 Haunted Alphabet (Brian Glover)
7 The Dark Triangle (Chris Wardle)
9 Bell,Card and Candle (Jim Cuthbert)
10 Uninhibited (Peter Duffie)
11 Card and Wallet (Sean Carpenter)
12 Tarot Turnover (Phil Ogden)
14 Piece by Piece Transposition (Paul Hallas)
16 Piece by Piece Addition (Tom Johnson)
18 Relativity (Arun Bonerjee)
20 The Two Card Trick (Paul Hallas)
22 The Avaricious Spider (Paul Hallas)
25 Flight of the Shadows (Phillip Horn)
27 Medalystic (Arthur Setterington)
28 ESP Crossfire (Peter Duffie)
29 David Beckham (Paul Ingram)
31 Dyslexia (William Goodwin)
33 The Last Word