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Haley, Louis C.: The Dramatic Art of Magic
©1910 Louis C. Haley, London
Hardcover, 74 pages (plus ads)
The Dramatic Art of Magic
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Louis C. Haley: The Dramatic Art of Magic

Comments: "A series of artistic conjuring experiments fully explained in detail and supplemented by a preachment upon the art in the form of original essays upon the subject, The Actor Magician."


Frontspiece: Portrait of Author
7 Preface
9 Prologue

11 Part I.
11 The Gloves and Pigeon Transformation.
12 The Chameleon Billiard Ball
14 The Astral Billiard Ball
16 The Phantom Billiard Ball  (W.G. Edwards)
17 New Vanishing Billiard Ball No. 1
17 New Vanishing Billiard Ball No. 2
18 Traveling Billiard Balls No. 1
19 Traveling Billiard Balls No. 2
20 New Handkerchiefs and Balls
21 Vanishing Handkerchief
21 Multiplying Handkerchiefs
22 Handkerchief Productions and Suggestions
23 Color-Changing, Handkerchief Tube No. I
23 Color-Changing, Handkerchief Tube No. II
24 Handkerchief Color-Change
25 Best Handkerchief and Soup Plate
26 The Hydrometer, Wand and Handkerchief Trick
27 New Combination Egg and Handkerchief
28 Eggsit  (W.G. Edwards)
29 The Disappearing Egg
30 Egg, Glass and Handkerchief
31 Levitation of the Wand
31 Coffee, Milk and 8ugar (New Milk Cup)
32 Aerial Treasury (Suggestions)
33 Coins, Glass, Hat and Coin Jar
36 Burnt Bank Note
36 An Original Servante Idea

37 Part II The Actor-Magician Essays
37 Introduction: originally appeared in Edwards Monthly, Buffalo, NY
37 I The Magic Ideal
40 II Reformation of Character
42 III Attaining the Ideal
44 IV What Should Be the Magician's Ideal?
46 V Impressing the Audience
49 VI Law of Suggestion, etc.
53 VII Comedy
56 VIII Eradicating the Germ - Vaudeville-Comedy Microbe
59 IX Writing from a High Plane

62 Part III Wit and Humor
62 Sadie The Handcuff Lady
66 Schnitznoodle's Troubles
71 Storyettes
73 Nursery Rhymes

74 Finis
75 Advertisements