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Hagy, James (editor): The Perennial Mystics #7
©1989 James Hagy
Softcover, 8.5x11", 91 pages
Hagy: Perennial Mystics 7
Image courtesy eBay seller HarryHoudini

Comments: From Magicpedia - "The Perennial Mystics was a Magic Periodical devoted to conjuring history, literature and collecting that followed Mystics Quarterly. Edited and published by James Hagy from Shaker Heights, Ohio. It ran from #1 in 1983 to to #18 in December 31, 2005"

Contents (from book ToC):

3 Jim's Whims (James Hagy)
11 The Wizard Jacobs in Australia: Will Alma's History of Magicians in Australia
17 Some Footnotes to the Catalog Comments by Friends Ellenbogen & Walker Together with a Final Word on the Original Mysto Coin (John Henry Grossman)
20 One Bad Apple (Stuart Cramer)
32 Kellar and Psycho in Mexico (Enrique Jimenez Martinez)
39 The Early Victorian Newspaper Reports (Will Alma)
47 A Magic Collector's Quiz (James Hagy)