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Hades, Micky: The New Make-Up of Magic
©1974 Micky Hades International, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 132 pages
New Make-Up of
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Micky Hades: The New Make-Up of Magic

Comments: Illustrated by the Author. Revised and enlarged edition. Covers how to invent, design, build and decorate your own magic illusions.


3 Preface

7 Part One
7 Magic Basics
11 Misdirections by Design
13 Artistic Artifice
16 Hiding the Load Chamber
20 Psychoptics
25 Psychoptic Illusions
29 Psychoptics In Motion
32 There's Magic in Colour
37 Some Light on Black Art

43 Part Two
43 Basic Workshop Tools
45 Working With Wood
49 Working with Metal
53 Working with Plastics
57 Finishing Methods
65 Novelty Paint Finishes
69 Stenciling Methods
75 Decorating Tricks
79 Something Worth Knowing
81 Hinges and Supports

89 Part Three
89 The Ways to Magical Invention
95 Your Own Suitcase Table
120 Workshop Projects