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Hades, Micky: Geni Illusions
©1967 Micky Hades Publications, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 108 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller MagicVest
Micky Hades: GeniIllusions

Comments: 75 illusions gathered from the pages of Genii Magazine and released by Bill Larsen, Jr.

Contents (from Book ToC, updated Apr 2017):

5 The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Paul Green)
6 Silent Mora's Rose Cabinet (As Presented by Kalma & Co.)
7 The Magic Table and Walking Through Ribbon Illusion
8 The Master Club Illusion (Jon Kirby)
9 Death Sentence (G.C. Brown)
9 Pagoda Square Circle (Brady White)
10 Paper Sword Cabinet (Victor the Magician)
11 Mysterious Glass Tube and Ball (Anonymous)
12 Expanding Die Illusion (Victor the Magician)
13 Electronic - A Flash Gimmic (Richard Piser)
14 Turn About (James Murray)
16 Splash - The Tube of Neptune (Paul Holis)
17 Shooting a Handkerchief Through a Girl (Loring Campbell)
18 Russian Anarchist - Cremation (George LaFollette)
20 Bottled Spooks (Charles N. Smith)
22 Tied at the Stake Illusion (C. James Rainho)
24 Fight of a Feathered Serpent (Eugene Poinc)
26 A Lady From Yesterday (Eugene Poinc)
27 Bird of Paradise (Eugene Poinc)
29 The Time Crystal (Eugene Poinc)
30 Mrs. Clause Missed Mr. Clause (Eugene Poinc)
31 The Chinese Lantern Illusion (Hereward Carrington)
32 Kismet - The Vanishing Girl (Dick Zimmerman)
34 Football Magic (Dick Zimmerman)
37 Manee's Magical Strip-Tease (Manuel Floam)
38 Pumpkinhead (Bascom Jones and Michael Shields)
39 Black and White Poodle Illusion (Len Sewell)
40 The Flying Witch (Robert Henderson)
41 The Serpent of Cyclops (Robert Henderson)
42 The Miracle of Life (Robert Henderson)
43 Stretching a Woman (Robert Henderson)
44 Dancing Puppets (Robert Henderson)
45 Rickshaw Illusion (Rudy Roxo)
46 Penetratus (Anonymous)
48 The Lady Who Melts Like Wax (Anonymous)
47 Rabbit and Hat Illusion (Anonymous)
48 That Elusive Lady (Victor the Magician)
49 The Whirling Drum (Len Sewell)
50 King of Cards (P.C. Sorcar)
52 Sliding Dice Box Illusion (P.C. Sorcar)
54 Birth of a Nation (P.C. Sorcar)
56 Production Cabinet (P.C. Sorcar)
58 Crime Does Not Pay (P.C. Sorcar)
60 Original Motor Car Vanish (P.C. Sorcar)
61 $64,000,00 Illusion (Sargent Desmond)
62 Screen of Life (Charles Waller)
63 Give Them Cake (Ali Bongo)
64 Satan's Sword Cabinet (Jon Kirby)
65 A Lady Appears (Ralph Carey)
66 Cape of Conquest (J.V. Murray)
67 Puncture Proof (Bob Evison)
68 Divided Lady (Siros)
68 Walking Thru a Glass Plate (Siros)
72 Drop Spike Illusion (Siros)
74 Rod Thru the Body (Siros)
76 Something New in an Old Principle (Micky Hades)
77 Head Pin-A-Tration (Joesph M. White)
78 Night Club Illusion (Jimmie Conley)
79 The Sultan and the Dancing Girls (William Larsen)
80 The Firecracker Girl (Sir Felix Korim)
82 Targo Illusion (Sir Felix Korim)
84 Gerriemazia Illusion (Sir Felix Korim)
86 Lady in the Golf Bag (Sir Kelix Korim)
88 The Shadow Masters (Sir Felix Korim)
90 Celestia Illusion (Sir Felix Korim)
92 Garroting a Girl (Sir Felix Korim)
94 Girl Who Came to Life (Sir Felix Korim)
96 United Nations Trunk (Sir Kelix Korim)
98 Santamazia (Sir Felix Korim)
100 Christmas Angel (Sir Felix Korim)
102 Shrine of Osiris (Dariel Fitzkee)
104 House of Flowers (Karlin)
105 Utility Cabinet (Victor the Magician)
106 Quintet of Illusions (William Larsen)
108 It's All In Your Mind (Bob Gunther)