Hades, Micky: The Conjurors' Book of Stage Illusions
©1974 Michael P. Hades, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 86 pages
Conjurors Book of
              Stage Illusions
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Micky Hades: The Conjurors' Book of Stage Illusions

Comments: "Selected from The Conjurors' Magazine and released by Edward W. Dart"


6 Book of Life (Theo Hardeen)
8 Tree to Girl Transformation (Howard Thurston)
10 White and Black (Blackstone)
12 Chest of the Lamas (Shaman)
14 Cauldron Illusion (Rudy Roxo)
16 Out of the Dog House (Cmdr C. Adair)
18 Vanishing Automobile (Blackstone)
20 Two Door Dollhouse (Blackstone)
22 Floating Skeleton (Deland)
23 Miss Boots (Joseph Ovette)
24 Question of Color (Rudy Roxo)
26 Nu-Production Box (Stanley Beck)
27 Follies Girl Illusion (Blackstone)
28 Invisible Rainbow (Jack Gwynne)
30 Chest of Celestial Bliss (Rudy Box)
32 Chariot Illusion (Kroeger)
34 Burmese Pagoda
36 Double "A" Production Box (W.B. Gibson)
38 Glass Penetration (George Pfisterer)
40 Santa Claus Illusion (Herman Hanson)
42 Rabbit Out of a Hat (P. C. Socar)
44 Pillar of Fire (Okito)
46 Invisible Flight (Okito)
48 Phantom Fowls (Okito)
50 Mystery of the 7 Stones (Okito)
52 East Indian Rope Trick (Felix Korim)
54 Stowaway Illusion (Okito)
56 Stage Illusions Idea (Wm. A. Hoch)
57 Chinese Apparition (Howard Adams)
58 Flight of the Mandarin (La Follette)
60 Flash Vanish (John Cooper)
62 Triple Mystery (Stanley Collins)
65 Girl and Ladder (Blackstone)
66 Appearing Lion (Ovette)
67 Mermaid Illusion (Erold/Grant)
68 Walking on Water (Horace Goldin)
69 No Feet - Some Feat (Joe Karson)
70 Beer and Girl From Barrell (Rowan Brooks)
71 Coverless Dove Pan (Okito)
72 Evolution of a Lady (Okito)
74 Practical Production Tray
75 To Life (Gene Gloye)
76 Cloak Of Invisibility (Felix Korim)
77 Tom-Tom Illusion
78 Revelry In a Haunted House (Bill Joy)
79 Studio Illusion (Blackstone)
80 Walking Away From a Shadow (Blackstone)
81 Sucker Rabbit Box
82 Girl Through Tape (Joseph Yadah)
84 Yankee Doodle Hat (Tommy Windsor)
87 Fourth Dimensional Glass (Felix Korim)