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Gustafson, Dick: The Spotlight's On You
©1975 (circa) Richard Gustafson
Paper, stapled, 8.5x11", 24 pages
The Spotlight's
              On You
Image from Magicref

Comments: B&W photo illustrated. Very good notes on silk magic and more.


2 Photo: B&W photo of the Gustafsons
3 The Spotlight's On Your (Dick Gustafson): the importance of speech, selecting effects for stage, and thoughts on originality and creativity
6 A Unique Dyeing Silk Routine: uses Dye Tube but silk may be removed from same end of fist!
10 The Utility Silk Roll: How to fold silk and three quick effects
10 - Flash Carnation to Silk
12 - Billiard Ball to Silk
12 - A Bare Handed Silk Production
13 Blendo: an improved method
13 A Quick Interlude: using Ireland's Match to Flower
14 20th Century Cane & Silks: two silks appear and are tied to a cane, the cane vanishes with three silks tied to each other (uses a Fantasio Black Vanishing Cane)
16 Handkerchief Ball Vanish: silk vanish using a handkerchief ball
18 The Nu-Way Double Knot: dissolving silk knot (shown clearly with photos using rope)
18 A Combination Silk Routine: Three silks placed on table, two silks in glass. Sixth silk vanishes and is found between two in glass, etc.
20 Applause-Getting Finishes
20 Production of Brandy Snifter, Stack of Glasses, Giant Egg, Etc. From Silks: how to prepare a special silk
20 Dove from Silk Fountain: detailed
21 Another Silk Fountain: produce a silk fountain from a single silk
22 Production of a Merv Taylor Cage from a Silk: how to prepare the silk
22 Card Castle: Abbott Card Castle idea
22 Giant Golf Ball: finale for multiplying balls
24 Useful Tips and Ideas
24 - Fantasio Vanishing Candles: overcoming fluid evaporation
24 - Panama Rope Idea: from Tarbell
24 - Cigaret to Rope: gag
24 - Rope Ends: treating
24 - Chinese Sticks: new tassels