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Guinn, Scott F. (editor): Peter Vanspauwen's Belgian Blockbusters
2003, Scott F. Guinn; A Great Scott! It's Magic! Publications
eBook, 98 Pages
Available as an eBook from Scott F. Guinn

              Vanspauvwen's Belgian Blockbusters
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Comments: Great explanations, provides for alternative moves if some are too advanced for you. Lots of photos detail every move.


4 About Peter Vanspauwen
4 About Scott F. Guinn
4 By the Author: list of other books written by Scott F. Guinn
5 Introduction: by Peter Vanspauwen
6 Author's Introduction: by Scott F. Guinn
7 Table of Contents
8 Sleight Index

9 Chapter One - Paradoxes With Pasteboards
11 Bluesette: Spectator selects a card from a blue-backed deck which is noted and returned to the deck. The Deck turns red except for the selection. (highly gimmicked deck). Describes Peter's Rollover Half Pass, Dai Vernon's Through the Fist Flourish, Hindu Shuffle Force, Half Pass, Double Undercut, Cull
18 Yours for the Ace-King: The four Aces are almost found but the last is a King, then they all become Kings. Explains Butterfly False Cut, Paul Rosini False Cut (variation), Harry Lorayne's The Hop, Multiple Top Change, LePaul Production, Spread Turnover Switch
33 At Home in Belgium: Packet effect. Five blue backed cards turn red one at a time, then they all turn back to blue. Teaches the Jennings Count, a Double Deal, Ascanio Spread, The KM Move, Anneman/Christ Alignment, Tenkai Palm, Rumba Count, Erdnase Palm Change, Dean Dill Displacement
47 Recollected: Three selections are made by three spectators. The first two selections are found by their respective spectator, and these two cards find the third selection. All three are then found face up between the four Aces. Teaches the Tilt, LePaul Bluff Pass, Under the Spread Force, Bottom Deal,

53 Chapter Two: Conjuring With Coins
55 PV4 Coin Production: a four coin production with just four coins. Teaches: Fake Take, Malini Subtlety, Fingertip Rest
59 Crossing Belguim: Chinese coin is produced from a purse frame. One by one four half dollars join the Chinese coin in the other hand. Teaches: Cellini Aquitment, Han Ping Chien, Utility Switch
65 Belgian Coins Thru Table: Quick coins thru the table, required lapping and just four coins. Teaches Slydini's Revolve Vanish, Heel Clip, Ouellet's Crossover Lap

69 Chapter Three - Prestidigitation For Parlor & Platform
71 Peavey Rope Routine: Phased routine with knots, cut and restored, etc.
90 Red-Yellow-Blue: A children's presentation in which a block travels from a tube into a hat.
95 Belgian Bottles: Peter's approach to the Topsy-Turvey Bottles

98 Last Word